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Wooden Puzzles

Heading 2

Looking for a Unique Gift?

More than just a game, these puzzles are a tribute to the art of craftsmanship and mindful living.

(they also make the CUTEST gifts!) 

"I received a cutting board
and a puzzle as gifts.
They're wonderful! The craftsmanship is stellar. I have the cutting board displayed in my kitchen as a piece of art.
It's just too pretty to cut up.
The puzzle design is deceivingly simple, but the puzzle is challenging.
Definitely am very pleased with my gifts."

-W.K.W., Pacific Northwest

"Surprisingly challenging!
A great option for someone who enjoys puzzles and needs something portable for traveling or camping. 
Great for in the RV!"

-Jenn B, Portland OR

"I was utterly charmed
by the wooden puzzle I received for my birthday.  The beautiful wooden box the puzzle came in was an elegant touch and made it feel extra special."

-Sarah W., Vancouver WA

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